It’s not unrealistic to expect that your ears, or your child’s ears, should be “normal.” In this webpage I will show that allergy is the cause of most chronic middle ear fluid, and that aggressive use of standardized allergy management can solve the problem. You will learn why ears develop chronic fluid and how this can be prevented.

I am writing to you, parents and patients, to suggest that you become your own advocates. I have run out of patience for my fellow physicians who turn a deaf ear to the misery of young children with chronic middle ear fluid, thus sentencing them to years of hearing loss, delayed speech and learning disabilities. All of this suffering is completely reversible — better still prevented in the first place. So this web site is for you, the parent of a child — or the child who has become an adult him/herself — who continues to struggle with chronic middle ear fluid.

From reading these pages, you will understand the underlying cause of chronic middle ear fluid and its risk factors. You will learn why only certain people have recurrent ear fluid, what allergies are, and how allergies affect the middle ear. Most important, you will learn what you can do to get your ears, or your child’s ears, to stay normal — with 90 percent certainty. 


A Patient’s Story: His Lifetime of Pain and Suffering from Chronic Ear Infections Has Been Eased

After years of treatment and operations, allergies are found the cause

Buy now at Amazon.Little did Rick Loring know that an endless routine of chronic ear infections, conventional treatments and continued infections would, after decades, be found connected to common allergies.  It was only after his ENT doctor referred him to Dr. David Hurst, ENT/Allergist, that life began to change for the better.

Reader Note:  Dr. Hurst has retired from active practice.  For more information on the link between chronic ear infections and allergies, please see his book.